1. Hey everyone.

    I’m been sick all week (some very bad flu) and I hope get better this week to get back to track.

    Meanwhile, enjoy Tartu Autumn Fog (yes, this is independet phenomen here) and make lot’s of pictures!


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  3. wickedbrick:

    Tartu tänavakunst on niiiii HEA !


  4. effsnares:

    im in love with tartu and my life here


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  6. newportbeachalleyways:

    A summer storm rolling in. Tartu, Estonia / May 2014


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  8. sci-universe:

    So this is where the magic science happens.

    As you know I started studying at the University of Tartu on Monday. I’m really lucky because the new science campus got opened exactly before I began my studies. My 1st semester consists of Higher Mathematics, Physical Concept of the World, Mathematical Physics, Computer Programming, Algebra and Geometry, Space Technology, and Physical Measurements.


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  11. roubelshot:


    Tonis shoots a plant on a balcony in front of MQ


  12. estonista:

    A friends’ daughter posing in front of Okeiko’s KukuJuku in Tartu, Estonia. Okeiko makes cool printed clothes n stuff. Check it out: http://okeiko.planet.ee/kosmos/SILKSCREEN_printed_items.html


  13. queondadiego:

    Man in suit watering a green plant. Many thoughts come into mind…


  14. katyamatroskina:

    2014.08.30 Очень симпатичный домик в Тарту и пролетающий рядом с ним кукурузник. #estonia #tartu


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